We received a call from a house owner wanting to ensure their house was coronavirus safe for the new owners. They hadn’t knowingly suffered from Covid-19, but thought it was the responsible thing to do as people can be asymptomatic.

Timing was critical, to ensure we had 2 hours to perform the anti viral cleaning process on this 4-bedroom house in Letchworth, Hertfordshire between the old clients moving out & the new ones moving in.

Using our fogging machine, we meticulously fogged every inch of this property as well as wiping down all door handles using Vanoquat disinfectant (which has been proved to kill coronavirus as well as other potentially harmful bacteria & germs).
The only thing left to do was hand over the sanitised door keys to the estate agent.

If you’re moving house & would like coronavirus deep cleaning of your old or new property in Herts, Essex, North or East London, please contact us for a free, no obligation quote. Given enough notice we can be flexible with our anti-viral cleaning times, including weekends.

Landlords if you’ve got a portfolio of properties that you’d like to have cleaned between tenants, we can offer special discounts to regular clients. Please call for more information.